Whissell Gains Tens Positions in Toronto

July 10, 2011. Calgary, Alberta’s Jarrad Whissell and the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford had a tough start to the weekend during round number five of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series this past weekend in Toronto. On the city streets during the Toronto Indy weekend Whissell would give all he could following a number of setbacks and be rewarded for his hard charge during the race.

During the practice session Friday afternoon Whissell had his hands full with the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford. “It was very strange” he explained. “First the car was loose, then it was tight and it was very difficult to get a handle on things” he stated.

With the qualifying session only a couple of hours after qualifying the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford team could only make limited changes. “Unfortunately the car still wasn’t right during qualifying we paid the price for it” said Whissell.

Following qualifying the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford team went to work determined to correct the problems and give Whissell a better handling car for the 100km race. They were not completely successful Whissell battled some brake issues early in the race and ran into difficulty. “I was racing with the #50 car and approaching a part of the track that gets a little wider” explained Whissell. Unfortunately I pushed him a little bit wide before the track widened out and he hit the wall. I’m sorry about that it was totally unintentional” he added.

Still with a loose race car Whissell did begin to make progress in the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford. “I had to just do the best I could with what I had” said Whissell. And with a determined effort he managed to begin moving forward in the field.

In the closing laps Whissells effort had him within sight of a top ten finish. Still with a loose handling race car he would spin late in the race and it would cost him several positions. Still with an ill handling car he gained ten positions during the race and finished fourteenth. “With the kind of car we had today I guess it’s not bad to go from twenty fourth to fourteenth” he said. “We’ll be digging a little deeper into the car to determine the cause of those brake issues, nothing was immediately visible after the race” he added.

This season Jarrad Whissell will participate in four NASCAR Canadian Tire Series road course events at Mosport Raceway, the Toronto Indy, Grand Prix of Trois Rivieres and the Montreal Nationwide weekend. In addition he will also take part in the two western Canada stops at Motoplex Speedway near Vernon, BC & Auto Clearing Speedway in Saskatoon, SK. Follow the progress of the team and help support the Children’s Miracle Network through the team website www.jarradwhissell.com and race fans are invited to follow him on twitter, @jarradwhissell You can watch all of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series races again this year on TSN.

Canadian Indycar stars come to Toronto for media lunch

Earlier today at the Real Sports Bar & Grille in downtown Toronto, select members of the media joined up with a trio of Canadian IndyCar stars for lunch and some informal interviews. On had were IndyCar veteran, Paul Tracy, Oakville Ontario hot shoe, James Hinchcliffe and this year’s Indy 500 pole sitter, Alex Tagliani. It was one of the most chill media events I’ve ever attended, as just about everyone knew each other and there was no battling for face time, just some good old Canadian bench racing.

While some of the others did more formal interviews, I grabbed a few photos and socialized with Hinch and PT. Tracy and I shared a couple of stories from our time at the North Halton kart club in the early 80′s. That is not to say that I didn’t come away without any useful news for race fans. Quite the opposite actually, I learned some potentially life changing information.

For instance, did you know that Tags is deathly allergic to most types of nuts? So if you are some sort of hyper fan boy and want to send the speedy French Canadian some treats, you might want to avoid the peanut brittle.

I found out from another interviewer that apparently Paul goes commando under his driving suit. I think I would rather not know what question was asked to reveal that tidbit.

In the photos, you may notice a rather angry looking contusion on the Mayor of Hinchtown’s beak. How ironic is it that a guy who races IndyCars for a living should sustain a rather gory facial injury in a planking accident? Don’t know what planking is? Better visit here to see the Indy crowd in action.

Otherwise, I heard a bunch of my friends ask the guys the exact same questions over and over again. These guys have incredible fortitude when it comes to answer questions that they’ve heard a hundred times. Leave it to us here in The Garage to answer the tough questions such as the status of PT’s gitch!

Hinch tweets a pic to Franchitti
His nuts were this big!
I think Paul wanted this for his basement
The boys needed some adjustment after PT gave Tags a reach around!
Hinch found Dario on the sculpture!

Boosted at Performance World

While sifting through photos of Performance World that I shot for another publisher I write for, I noticed that there was an awful lot of cars with assisted breathing. From superchargers to some of the biggest turbos I’ve ever seen, this is some heavy duty performance equipment!


Performance World in Toronto this weekend

The 2011 Performance World car show is the most fun show I’ve been to so far this year and it’s right here in my own back yard. Imagine that: a killer car show that I didn’t have to board a plane to get to!

Toronto has along history of breaking up the Winter months with custom car shows and over the years there have been a number of different promoters, but the one that has consistently been on the calendar is Performance World. Maybe that’s because the PW show has grown with the times and embraced the youth of the sport.

The show is still heavily focused on hot rods and drag racing, but also includes the tuner crowd. That’s pretty cool, because today’s tuner kids are not all that different from the hot rodders of the Sixties, they are just working with different cars.

The cars on hand ranged from a replica of the legendary Chi-Town Hustler to front wheel drive Civic drag cars and pretty much everything in between. Station wagons are a big load of cool right now and there are dozens on display. The big draw of course are the show customs and there are dozens of wicked creations on hand.

Today’s gallery is just a teaser of what the show has to offer on a cold, wet March weekend. If you are in the Toronto area, Performance World runs until tomorrow evening and you can learn more here. For those of you who can’t make it, stay tuned for a bunch of exciting galleries over the coming week.


A glimpse of the 2011 Canadian Motorsports Expo

The 2011 Canadian Motorsports Expo kicked off yesterday at the International Center in Toronto’s west end. While not on the same scale of PRI south of the border, the show still offers more than enough action to break up the winter with a bit of bench racing. The show is about the same size as last year, but includes a bit more variety in the displays.

For the fans, the highlights will likely be a meet and greet with Dario Franchitti today or Brad Keselowski tomorrow, along with lots of race cars from 3,000 horsepower alcohol funny cars to on and off road racers.

Interestingly, the most excitement yesterday (aside from the Inside Track girls of course) seemed to center around a crusty old 1972 Chevy Nova! This wasn’t just any Nova though, this was a car raced by legendary Canadian racer Don Biederman. It is about to be restored to racing condition.

John Walker is at the show today and I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, so you know we’ll have tons of photos to share! For now, we’ve got a teaser gallery after the break.

To get all the details and print discount tickets, visit the CME Website.

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